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Parent Recommendation

Take a look at one of our latest parent recommendations;

‘ I would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to all the staff at Holyrood Nursery (Hope Hospital) and make you aware just what an excellent job the staff there are doing.

Both of my sons- George (3) and Harry (15 months) have attended this nursery, only leaving recently as I have another job. There were tears all round when they left, myself included as I have come to see many of the ladies there as close friends/family.

Sarah has been incredibly supportive since my return to work following Harry’s birth. I wanted to continue breastfeeding Harry for as long as he wanted and Sarah made sure that this would be easy for me to do – creating a space for me to sit in the baby room and ensuring I felt comfortable. I was really grateful for the support she and her staff gave me, as it was much more support than I received from my own work department. Thanks also to Kelly for keeping me smiling every time I popped across to nursery to feed Harry, she must have grown tired of answering the door to me but never showed it!

I would also like to mention Christine in the baby room who has looked after both George and Harry. What a credit to the nursery she is! So kind, patient, caring and understanding. I could not have asked for anyone better to look after my boys when they were precious little babies. She has a brilliant team in there too, Harry has been so happy and settled.

George is a very unique, quiet little boy and has needed lots of encouragement with his eating. He has had so much support since his days in the baby room. I’d like to especially mention the ladies in preschool ( Cassie, Nicola and Sarah – apologies if I have omitted anyone) who kept a food diary for George so I knew exactly what he had eaten during the day. They went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with this and I’m really grateful.

I have since had to find another nursery for Harry and it has become only too clear to me what excellent standards of care my sons experienced at Holyrood, standards I have not been able to find in any other private nurseries.

Looking through the individual files I was given upon my boys leaving Holyrood it strikes me how happy they look in all their photos. As a working parent, all you want to know is that your children are happy, safe and well cared for. I was never in any doubt that this was the case during their time at Holyrood.

I cannot list all the individuals who have played a part in looking after my sons but please, again, pass on our thanks and very kindest regards to Sarah, Kelly and all the employees at Holyrood. We will miss them all so much.

Thank you all for reading.’

A very touching recommendation by one of our previous parents! It really means a lot for the staff to receive any feedback, we all strive for Excellence at Holyrood Hope and appreciate any feedback on our service given.