Our Rooms

Babbling Baboons (0-2 years)

Our Babbling Baboons Room is registered for up to 12 children from birth to 1 year of age. We have highly experienced staff whose priority is to mirror the home routine of each baby as closely as possible. Wipes and cow’s milk are included in our fees, however our parents are required to supply nappies and formula or breast milk to ensure continuity between home and nursery. Our Babbling Baboons room is a naturally resourced environment creating a calm and stimulating environment for the children. The room has a lot of natural light with a quiet and secure sleeping area where babies can go to sleep in our folded beds and mosses baskets. The children are encouraged to participate in messy activities extending their sensory development and have access to their private garden area to ensure babies get as much fresh air as possible whilst they safely explore the natural outdoors. We are a breast feeding friendly nursery, with staff trained in breast milk storage. We encourage and welcome you to visit during the day to feed your child whenever necessary.


Cheeky Chimps (2-3 years)

Children progress into our ‘Cheeky Chimps’ Room after a discussion with yourself around the time your baby turns 1 year old. Here we begin to adopt a more challenging and varied approach to the day. Your child will be introduced to activities such as painting, sand modelling and water play. There will also be a more prominent focus on physical and musical activity, giving children creative scope to explore what they want, helping them to develop skills and individuality. Children in this room are encouraged to explore the role play are where we provide real fruit and vegetables, large natural construction areas and a relaxing comfy corner for when they have had a hard day of learning.


Messy Monkeys & Exploring Elephants (3-5 years)

We always discuss the transition process with you before any room changes happen but children usually move to our Messy Monkey & Exploring Elephants Room once they turn 2 years old. This unit is designed to create independent skills; with larger exciting areas to explore children are provided with a choice and taught to make their own decisions, helping the children to prepare for school. Our Messy Monkey area is where children can get as messy as they like whilst exploring sand, water, malleable materials, our indoor garden centre and much more. Our Exploring Elephants area is a spacious open plan space, which creates endless opportunities for our children. Thechildren have access to our large natural construction area and a baking club where they can explore science and maths. All the activities in these areas are designed to encourage each child’s speech, language and imagination. Children are encouraged to use the extensive range of resources provided to support their learning. We allow the children to lead activities and Influence what happens next. We will also introduce early numeracy and literacy skills and activities designed to develop your child’s communication skills.